This infectious disease is considered a lost ring of sexually transmitted disease chain. This is a hard name to pronounce however, it is very important to get knowledge about.

This disease is considered to be one of the successfully treatable sexually transmitted infections. It has become very popular for more ways of treating this disease as it has touched the top rank of sexually transmitted disease in Americas.

Estimates have shown that almost seven and half million people come up this infection each year in United States of America. This infection does not cause symptoms in men generally; however, if they show symptom then men may feel irritation around their penis, discharge of mild nature, burning sensation after ejaculation and urination. In case women are infected with this disease, may experience a yellowish green frothy discharge at vaginal area with strong stink, this infection cause’s discomfort during urination and intercourse with irritation and itch around genital area. In few cases, pain in lower abdomen is sensed. Patients infected are at higher risk fro developing other STDs and HIV.

This infection is very common among women and it has observed to increase a significant risk to women’s health. So, women and physicians are equally concerned to find prevention methods from this disease then curing it. The biggest reason for ignoring this disease as STD are its symptoms i.e. irritation and discharge at urethra and vagina, the second reason being the presence of highly affected drug against this infection i.e. tinidazole and metronidazole.

The organism causing this infection is a microorganism i.e. trichomonads protozoa, the most common reason being trichomonas vaginalis. This microorganism is found to reside primarily in genitourinary tract, location where they find moisture and warmth for the sake of growth and multiplication.

The least common type of the protozoan causing this infection is “Trichomoniasis”. The other two types causing this disorder are bacterial Vaginosis and vulvovaginal candidiasis. These microorganisms are said to cause almost five percent of all vaginal infections.

Studies have shown that this infection can result in problematic complications with the pregnancy and childbirth. Women who have this infection are said to give birth to low weight babies.

Studies have shown that this disease increases the risk for the development of HIV and other STDs. Trichomoniasis is transmitted through sexual intercourse and this is common among those who are indulged with the sexual activities. This infection is transmitted primarily because of the having multiple sex partners. This infection is said to put women at increased risk as compared to men. In few cases, this infection is transmitted to a baby at the time of childbirth.

Studies have shown that in USA there are almost three percent women infected off this disease. The rate for this infection is higher as compared to any other STD.

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