Oral health is not just restricted to keeping your teeth white and being safe from developing cavities. You might have heard a statement as is given by doctors and physicians “health of mouth is mirror of general well-being and health”. This is nothing but truth.

The major issues concerning most of the women are:

  • disease of gums
  • dryness of mouth
  • canker sores
  • loss of tooth
  • tooth decay

Researches have found that people with gum disease are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease while risks for strokes, respiratory disorders and diabetes are also increased. Moreover, a significant relation has also been found between gum disease and obesity. This relation of obesity and gum disease is observed in people aging eighteen to thirty four years. Lowered intake of calcium and vitamin C is the problem-causing factor for gum disease. Smoking is another factor increasing the vulnerability for oral infections and inflammations.

A thing to be kept in mind is requirement for oral care through out your life. You need to take special care and this care requirement keeps on changing through out your life. While you pass through different phases of your life like puberty, menstruation etc, you have changed requirements for your oral health. With advancing age, the cases for gum disease increase handsomely among women.

Gum disease most of the time are painless so most women do not realize if they have it or not until this disease reaches the advanced stage. This advanced stage is when you would realize that your teeth are loose and need extraction.

The basic principles for the taking care for your oral health are very simple. All you require is spending few minutes with your mouth. You require brushing your teeth, using a tongue scrapper and flossing daily. On monthly or weekly basis, you require visiting your dentist. These special cares would keep you from developing tooth disease.

The hormonal fluctuations in women can cause problem with teeth therefore being a women you require collecting all-important information regarding your oral health and hormonal fluctuations while puberty, menstruation, pregnancy etc.

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