Most of the time Allergies are understood as runny nose, congestion within sinuses, sneezing and hacking. Actually, allergies are capable for attacking bigger organs like eyes. As you known allergies are more often target eyes so special care and treatment is required for your eyes.

People who are at home with ocular allergies are known of the fact that itching in eyes is the major source for discomfort. Other discomforting symptoms are:

  • redness of eyes
  • swelling of eye lid
  • tearing
  • sensitivity to light
  • swollen eyes

Allergies are not only irritating rather they are disabling as well. Allergies more often surface while a person is close to allergens and hence such persons are restricted to special areas and their working activities are restricted. The red and puffy eyes appearance can add to the suffering of the allergy sensitive person.

People with dry eye syndrome do also chiefly suffer from the “tired eye feeling”. Eyes allergy is not a rare suffering among American Nation. Estimates have shown that around twenty percent of the population confronts this problem. Reports are evident that this percentage is on rise.

The only way of keeping people away from this disorder is through making the society cleaner. People have seemingly always enjoyed the fall and spring but for some people it is more then a life threatening time. Especially people living in environment where pollination of tree, weeds and grass has to take place. People living in such environment generally suffer from most common allergy of eye known as seasonal conjunctivitis. This allergy usually harms the conjunctiva of the eye through inflammation. All of the signs of this allergy are:

  • redness
  • tearing
  • itching
  • inflammation

These symptoms generally show up when eyes are exposed to allergens like molds, pollens, dust mites, dust, animals and insects. The reason behind eyes being sensitive to these substances is that like skin there are exposed surfaces vulnerable to irritants and allergens. These allergens can cause release of histamine in eyes through triggering mast cells, the dilation of blood vessels, itchiness of mucous membrane and inflammation of eyes and eyelids. These irritants can also trigger release of tears.

In order to avoid these irritants most patients are recommended to stay indoors. However, hiding oneself is not always the answer as some allergens are also present indoors thus; avoidance of such irritants is not possible. Such indoor allergens are pet dander, molds and mites.

Some rare and severe forms of ocular allergy are:

  • Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis
  • Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

These both kinds of allergy can lead to the ulcers in cornea. However, common forms of the eye allergy are seasonal or perennial allergy.

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