Most of the women have their monthly menstrual periods with out any concern while some face few concerns. They have their periods so scheduled with a little inconvenience.

Some women, on the other hand have to face some emotional and physical symptoms just before the starting or during menstrual periods. They may confront heavy bleeding, mood swings and like.

Problems regarding menstrual periods have simple explanation and symptoms showing up with the disordered periods have numerous treatments. In case you are the one suffering from disordered symptoms then you should be consulting your doctor or health care professional at once.

Menstrual cycle is a cycle a female body goes through every month. A sequence of change is initiated in the abdominal area and breasts which after going through a series of stages come back to the original state i.e. starting point. The usual time for the completion of the cycle is twenty-eight days. The bleeding period after the completion of the menstrual cycle takes minimum five and maximum seven days. However, most women have their bleeding period of two days while girls even have nine days as bleeding period.

Following are the symptoms a woman can be facing during or just before starting of period:

  • Heavy bleeding is caused with some women to the extent that they put halt to their routines in order to cope with.
  • Sometimes women do also go through abnormality of the menstruation, which is “no bleeding at all”.
  • Tumors or fibroids are non-cancerous tumors are part of symptoms for menstrual disorder and can be very painful.
  • Pain accompanied by bleeding or menstrual cramps is normal with menstruation but most of the time they are much intense and persistent that they are counted among the menstrual disorder.
  • Premenstrual syndrome is a syndrome occurring some days before menstruation and it generally is a set of physical, emotional and psychological disorder related to menstrual cycle.
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder it is the severe form of PMS.