For long time lungs cancer was associated with men but truth has been revealed recently and it has been found out that lung cancer is the cause of death not just among men but also among women. It is the leading cause for cancer deaths in America.

Lung cancer generally occurs with people aging fifty and more with a long cigarette smoking history.  Cells or tissues in lungs are composed under the order of special programming of genes. Lung cancer is result of any fault with this genetic programming. The cells or tissues thus are produced generally are mutated and damaged. These mutations generally are caused by repeated exposure to smoke of tobacco.

These mutations are causative for the abnormal production of cells in lungs and thus causing tumors. Aside from the genetic mutations the number one cause for lungs cancer is smoking. Eighty five percent of lung cancer cases are result of smoking other than genetic mutation and other causes.

The smoking can cause a huge tumor in your lungs. The vulnerability to the lung cancer increased with prolonged smoking. In case you stop smoking, you could have the risk for the tumor formation in your lungs decreased.

The second biggest reason for the development of the lungs cancer is exposure to the radon with combination to cigarette smoking. The radioactive gas, which evolves from the rocks and soil, is named as radon. This gas is result of the breakdown of the radium a radioactive product of uranium. The problem of radon has been detected in almost every state of United States. The risk for the development of lung cancer from radon increases with the higher levels of radon gas as is evolved around some areas.

Still another reason for the development of lung cancer is exposure to carcinogens at your job. The best-recognized carcinogen as is used in industry as Asbestos. Some other carcinogens are arsenic, petroleum and uranium.

Lung cancer takes year for its development. With long-term exposure to carcinogens, the abnormal cells start developing. These cells can lead to the tumors.

The symptoms for lung cancer vary depending upon a number of factors. The location of tumor is the chief factor resulting in to the variation of the symptoms.

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