Irritable bowel syndrome is accompanied with a chronic pain in abdomen, changes in habits of bowel and abdominal bloating. This is a common clinical disorder. The pain in abdomen can be dull however; it can be intolerable for some women. This syndrome can lead its sufferer to sense of fatigue and mild depression.

It has been observed that people with IBS also suffer from constipation while other from diarrhea and still other experience both. The symptoms for this syndrome are:

  • abdominal bloating
  • mucus passage
  • strained bowel movements
  • sense of partial evacuation
  • feeling of urgency for moving bowels

Studies have suggested that IBS is more common with women and is a huge health concern. It has been showed that surgery could be required with the patients of ISB.

Syndrome reflects that a person suffers from a number of symptoms. IBS is considered to be a functional disorder as it does not comes with the disease of structure with medical tests and evaluations. This syndrome can even strike healthy people. Studies are limited to show the exact causes of this syndrome but experts are of the view that it includes biological, social and psychological factors.

Studies were made and it had been observed that patients have developed IBS after they had been stricken by some bacterial infection.

This disorder can be very irritable and could result in extreme discomfort. This syndrome however, does not stay for long and does no damage permanently. This syndrome has never been reported for the internal intestinal bleeding and does not play its pat in the development of cancer.

Other disorders which are associated with the ISB are depression and anxiety and studies have shown that this disorder is more common with person who have had been abused while child, either physically or emotionally.

Until now, no cure has been developed for ISB; symptoms however, are manageable with:

  • proper diet
  • managing stress
  • drugs prescription
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