Infertility is more common then as it is estimated to be. American Society of Reproductive Medicine has shown that almost six million American couples are infertile or are confronting problems.

The reality is because a number of variables have to meet before a baby is conceived. The inability for these factors or variables to meet up may result in failure conceiving. Once meeting up of factors occur and baby is conceived the maintenance of pregnancy for whole nine months is dependant over other variable.

Infertility does not come typically rather sperm and ovulation deficiencies are contributor to infertility and regarding problems.

A complicated process of formation of egg in female ovary is recognized as ovulation. This process is very complicated as it takes efforts not only from the hormones of ovary but also from brain. Once egg is produced, it is taken to the ovaries via fallopian tubes for fertilization. Problems with ovulation can result in infertility. Following are the factors causing abnormal ovulation thus, infertility and associated problems.

  • Fertilizable ova are no more produced in the ovary
  • Process of ovulation foes disrupted because of problem associated with the hormonal cycle
  • Presence of scar tissues keeping process of ovulation from occurring


Age is another actor contributing against fertility. It has been proved that after age 35 the fertility starts declining. As soon as a woman touches, her 43 she is far much less fertile as very small amount of fertile eggs are produced.

Quality of the eggs is a very critical factor increasing a woman’s chances for conceiving. When Vitro fertilization if considered the quality of eggs is given top priority. It has been proved that older women come up with poor quality eggs as compared to young women but there are evidences supporting the fact that young woman also come up with poor quality eggs.

Some causes for infertility are unidentifiable. This generally is considered the problem associated to the structure or problem of scarring with the tubes, fallopian tubes, fibroids or defects of birth.

Deficiencies of sperm include low sperm production or complete missing of sperms. The other reason could be poor mobility of sperms. These cells are sometime produced in higher amounts but they do not have the quality they need to come with so they fail to fertilize or die before they reach the egg.

Studies have suggested that the rate of the infertility problems confronted by male spouse are one third and the rate of same problem from the female part is also one third the left behind rate are related to couple. Almost ten percent of the infertility cases have not been recognized for the precise cause.