A surgery, which is conducted for removing uterus, is known as “hysterectomy”. This surgery has been evaluated as the second most frequently surgery in United States among women. The first most frequent being cesarean section. It has been evaluated that almost one-third out of entire women population in America would undergo this surgery with the passage if time until they touch their sixties.

This surgery generally is conducted to cure and treat a number of disorders. Almost half of the surgeries are conducted for the sake of treating uterine fibroids, benign tumors. This surgery is also conducted for treating endometriosis and fight against abnormal bleeding from uterine. Some other reasons for hysterectomy are:

  • to remove over grown lining of uterine
  • fight against the cancer of uterine, fallopian tubes or ovary
  • genital prolapse
  • cervical cancer of invasive nature
  • cancer of colon or bladder spreading towards uterine
  • uncontrollable after birth bleeding

Most women have found this surgery a relief from the suffering from uterine associated problems and for some this surgery is the last remedy against cancer.

If a woman does not find her self in any of such conditions there is no excuse rushing in to decision for removing uterus.

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