The term homeopathy is widely used and it is a medical system for treatment which has its bases over a theory saying, “A substances that is introduced in the healthy person’s body can be causative for some symptoms can work for fighting against same symptoms in unhealthy person showing similar symptoms, but the amount is introduced in diluted portions”. The name “homeopathy” shows the meaning of the term. “Homeo” means “of same kind” and “Pathy” means “disease”.

The theory can be better understood with the support of the logic, which tells that a substance introduced in the body can provoke, or initiates natural mechanism of healing in the body thus, fight against the disease.

Homeopathy is most of the time confused or mistaken with the alternative to western medicine i.e. use of herbs and other remedies for treating diseases and disorders. Although homeopathy does implement such ways for producing medications but still it is different from other medicine alternatives.

A Physician of Germany, Samuel Hahnemann in 18th century late, has put homeopathy’s concept and practice forward. This approach of medical treatment has reached America in year 1825. the graph of popularity touches its heights by 19th century and today, once prominent allopathic medicine, homeopathy has lost its galore. However, its fame in Asian and European countries has taken this form of medicine again out of darks in to light in America.

Markets today are estimated to be flooded with thousands of homeopathic substances. Most of these homeopathic products are available over-the-counter while other require prescription. FDA has classified these products to be drugs and a list for homoeopathic products named as “the homeopathic pharmacopoeia” was incorporated in federal law during year 1938.

These products are regulated by FDA but not as they are regulating other drugs. The plus of these products is they do not come with expiry dates and they do not have any specified limit for the alcohol with their composition. These products do not require scrutiny before they hit the market as other drugs do. FDA says, “These products do not concern them about them being safe or not rather they are safe as they do not have pharmacologically active ingredients with their composition.”

The homeopathic products have minerals, animal sources, plants and their derivatives as the source. These products are used to treat disorder of physical to psychological nature i.e. diarrhea to depression. These products utilize only minute traces of exacting substance for treating a disorder by initiating a natural healing process with in body.

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