A contagious viral disease caused by herpes simplex virus is known as Genital Herpes. Studies have shown that this virus is causing infection among forty-five million American. This has proven rarely lethal but it can be a reason for a chronic ailment among people with the virus. Scientists have failed to discover some valid treatment for this disease.

Herpes simplex viruses are of two kinds:

  • Herpes simplex type I
  • Herpes simplex Type II

These viruses belong to the group of virus that is causatives for shingles and chicken pox and both of types are responsible for causing genital herpes.

Oral herpes is responsible for causing blisters and sores in gums and around lips and are typically referred as “cold sores”. This disorder is a common kind and it spreads through oral sex and kissing. HSV-1 causes this disorder.

HSV-2 causes genital herpes; the sores appear at the genital area. They can be very painful and itchy. Infants can seriously be affected with this infection, receiving viruses from their mothers.

It has been observed the people who bear virus for genital herpes never show up the symptoms or they do not recognize the symptoms. Virus is capable for transmitting itself with out showing symptoms. Showing symptom or not but the truth is if a person is infected he remains infected throughout his life.

Symptoms if shown are:

  • sores and blisters on penis and vaginal area
  • sores and blisters around anal aperture and buttocks
  • broken skin if comes in contact with the virus can develop blisters are sores

It has been observed that the virus has the capability to remain dormant through out the life in the nerve cells. This can thus cause periodic symptoms. The herpes simplex viruses increase the risk for acquiring HIV.

One of the confusing facet of this virus and its retention is it can cause periodic appearance of blisters are sores. This periodic appearance can be responsible for causing frustration and stress.

Genital herpes is a virus, which transmits itself through having sex with an infected person. Some time before it was thought about the virus that it only is transmittable when it shows symptoms but today, perception has changed and we know that it is transmittable even at the time when it is not active. Further studies have shown that some times people acquire this virus but they do not recognize the symptoms for the virus. If a person has oral herpes then virus can even be transmitted to the genital of the sexual partner during genital oral sex. Virus can also be transmitted during skin contact and that is in case the skin is broken.

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