Eyes are kept moisturized and lubricated with tears and they are specialized to guard against the infections. Allergens are also washed away from eyes by tears and thus, eyes are protected. Presence of tears is very critical for the good sight as well. If you do not have tears and you have dried eyes then you are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. This actually is a group of eye film disorder, which attacks directly the tear glands thus making eyes dry. This is one of the common problems, which drags patient to the Eye clinics.

The cause of tear poor production however is unknown. Environmental factors are supposed to increase this disorder and adding to the dryness of eyes. The factors, which are considered the major culprits, are:

  • prolonged computer use
  • exposure to conditioned air
  • heat
  • dust
  • allergens

However, a number of people confuse dry eyes with allergy in fact this is not the case. Dry eye syndrome is completely another group of eye disorder. It is said that if a person is experiencing dry eye syndrome then it is as if her eyes are not producing right amount of the tears or the tear evaporation has higher rate. Dryness is experienced in both eyes and if you use contact lens then it is probable you would have trouble in wearing them. You may also have mucus development around your eyes and pain is sensed in eyes with redness. Eyelids are felt to be heavy and vision clarity is changed to greater extent.

Infections of eye are common with the people who are experiencing DES. Rare cases of irreversible blindness are also been observed due to dry eye syndrome. People who have dry eyes also have fluctuating visions and they face trouble in concentrating their gaze.

It is said about this disease that the layer of the eye may become unstable which is known as mucin and this causes the stay of tear over this layer impossible and thus no lubrication and protection. Most people with this disorder are found to have runny eyes.

Among some people, this syndrome is result of abnormal composition of tears, which make them unstable to air contact, and so they are evaporated soon.

Older women do experience this syndrome. Allergies can also be contributive towards the dryness of eye and they may cause discomfort like redness, wateriness and swelling.

This syndrome is incurable but its symptoms can be treated to greater extent. Artificial tears are also available to lubricate eyes now and again if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome. Surgeries are also there to help patients suffering from this disorder.

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