Diabetes is the disease almost twenty four million Americans are suffering from as evaluated. This actually is the chronic disease in which body produced too little of insulin that cannot be used for processing excess of the sugar in body. This keeps body from producing energy from food and food goes undigested, as nutrition from it is not processed properly.

Studies have shown that an overweight and inactive person is at higher risk for developing diabetes II. Family history and age are other factors that can increase risk fro developing this disorder. This disorder however, is not potentially life staking and people can live a healthy life managing their diabetes.

Food for its digestion requires break down in to simpler sugars to utilize and generate energy from complex sugars. This simpler sugar after digestion diffuses in to blood stream and here it is used as source of energy. This simple sugar or energy packet is generated with the action of insulin over them. This insulin is product of beta cells in pancreas. When a person has normal production, normal amount of insulin is produced in pancreas but with abnormal production problem of digestion and energy generation occurs.

Diabetes is a complex disorder therefore; it has many types described as follow:

  • Diabetes type I: in this kind very little and sometimes no insulin is produced. This disease is also known as autoimmune disease as immune system attacks the body itself. Some people also refer it as juvenile diabetes. The age of attack generally is from childhood to adulthood.
  • Diabetes Type II: this is a kind of diabetes in which insulin is produced by body do no respond to it and later insulin production is also effected to no production and thus ask for insulin replacement. Factors that contribute to this type are obesity, genetics, age and inactivity.
  • Gestational Diabetes: this is the problem related to pregnancy. In case it remains uncontrolled, it can harm baby and mother equally. The risk periods for development are 24th and 28th week.
  • Pre-diabetes: this is the condition, which is observed before diabetes and can be taken as sign for the diabetes development. In this condition, glucose levels in blood are high.

Studies are evident that women are more prone to this disorder. The age for women starts right from 20 to the older age. Diabetes can lead to other chronic disorders like Heart diseases. Following are the women concern with diabetes:

  • Hypertension: the blood pressure for the diabetes patients is not more then 130/80 mm Hg.
  • Vaginal infections and Urinary tract problems: women having diabetes are at increased risk for developing infections of yeast at vagina and other fungal and bacterial infections with in vagina and urinary tract.
  • Disturbed menstrual cycles: diabetes can also result in disturbed menstrual cycle. Not only are this but levels of sugar also effected before periods.
  • Contraceptive adverse reactions: contraceptives can result in problem regarding rise and fall for blood sugar.

Diabetes is not a life threatening disease can thus is controllable. It has been observed that monitoring and management have resulted in controlling Diabetes and thus, have increased life span of sufferer.

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