When some one experiences a prolonged, devastating fatigue that has been affecting many fields of her life then it is to better to be diagnosed as it may be a sort of fatigue disorder, which is referred as “Chronic Fatigue disorder”. A number of other experiences like difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, sore throats, joint and muscle pains and headaches accompany this fatigue.

One can have this experience initiated at any instance of her life. The weighty fatigue is generally the hallmark telling that this syndrome has attacked a person. This may stay there for long time and keep recurring there. Estimations and studies are evident that this syndrome can linger up to six months and sometimes even years. There are no known causes for chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Estimates as are put forward by CDC (the Centers of Disease control and Prevention of U.S) are of the view that almost eighty five percent out of entire suffering population are women and rest men. This condition generally attacks the people of ages 40 and above. There is no sex, socioeconomic and race discrimination as is done by this syndrome. This disease however, less attacks children and teenage is the period where most of the children start developing disease.

The diagnosis of this disease however is quite difficult for it is accompanied with some illness. This syndrome is not newly introduced to humankind but name has been recently assigned to this syndrome. It has been named so because fatigue is persistent and long-term so name “chronic Fatigue syndrome” sits well with the disorder.

This disorder or syndrome is also recognized with a number of names:

  • ME: myalgic encephalomyetlitis
  • PFS: post-viral fatigues syndrome
  • CFIDS: Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome

A point, which is worth noting with the name of the syndrome, is use of term Fatigue, which is extremely disingenuous. Fatigue is only a symptom among all the symptoms that contribute to this disorder. Fatigue cannot be used as the term, which is something of capability to have disabled.

CFS is not considered the contagious disease and no strong evidence is in hand showing that it is transmitted through blood transfusion of contact. This disease is capable of beginning suddenly and gradually. The onset of the disease generally shows up after some ailment or most of the time traumas of emotional and physical nature can also be the reason for disease initiation.

CFS is thought be a result of genetic make up. Studies are also evident that people, which develop this disease, may have improper functioning of brain as result of some environmental stressors.

Although it has been observed that this disease is of prolonged nature but still it has been also revealed that it is not of progressive nature. A person who has this disease developed may experience severe symptoms in beginning of the disease and severity may span over first year. After that, the symptoms start stabilizing and later diminishing. A very few cases have reported increasing severity of symptoms over time.

Majority of the patients recover from the syndrome but full recovery comes in very few of the patients. Recovery rates for this syndrome still are unknown.

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