Certain levels of cholesterol are usually required for adequate working of body but sometimes due to intake of high levels, cholesterol can prove to be a damaging factor for body’s proper functioning. Higher levels of cholesterol have become one of the leading health issues among American women. It has been found out the higher levels of cholesterol can result in to coronary disease of heart.

Studies have shown that almost a hundred million American adults have higher levels of cholesterol in their blood. Forty two million people out of estimated hundred million have damaging elevation of cholesterol in their blood. It is to be mentioned here that blood cholesterol does not rise or fluctuate promptly rather it take years to have cholesterol levels build up in blood.

This is not like cholesterol and its higher levels have only to do with older age and adults but this problem has also been observed in children as well. Estimated amount of American children being experiencing rise in their blood cholesterol levels is on third out of entire child population. This increased level of cholesterol in their blood can cause heart disease in very beginning of their adulthood.

Ever increasing evidence pile is reflective of the fact that heart disease deaths can be cut-down with the aggressive treatment of cholesterol levels in blood stream of patients. It has been shown that bad or excessive cholesterol proves as the damage to the walls of veins and arteries, leading to formation of blockages and then coronary heart disease.

Following are the recommendations as are put forward by NCEP for the treatment and normalizing levels of cholesterol:

  • Using more active treatment for cholesterol levels and identifying if the levels have activated CHD.
  • First test for cholesterol must be lipoprotein profile.
  • Conduction of revision for optimized levels of cholesterol for entire American population
  • Diabetics must be put in to aggressively active treatment of cholesterol normalizing
  • Intensification of treatment, for meeting goals of LDL cholesterol to keep patients from risks of heart attacks
  • Intensified campaign to make people more active for physical activities with use of healthy diet
  • Increase of attention towards treatment of cholesterol related disease

Factors, which are known to add cholesterol to the body, are:

  • dairy products
  • Animal fats
  • Plant fats (healthy cholesterol)

Cholesterol is studied to travel in form of lipoproteins; lipoproteins are molecules that are result of combination of lipids or fats and proteins. When protein levels are low in cholesterol molecule then it is said that this molecule is harmful and usually known as “bad cholesterol”. This cholesterol is responsible for damaging build up in circulatory system. This cholesterol is also known as LDL, low-density lipoprotein.

High-density lipoprotein is another sort of cholesterol and is often called as “good cholesterol”. This cholesterol is very critical to healthy living and it is involved in the transportation of cholesterol to liver from all other parts of body. Liver removes it from body and thus, prevent its build up.

The third and the dangerous most type of cholesterol is vLDL, very low-density lipoprotein. This cholesterol results in transportation of triglycerides in blood stream that is causative for increasing CHD risks.