Women around the world are suffering from breast cancer and the second top suffered cancer by women is Cervical Cancer. Estimations are done and it has been found out that almost five million women are suffering from this disorder around the Globe. The rates for cervical cancer however, are much lower in women residing in America and Developed countries.

This is a sort of cancer, which is developed in the cervix, the lower part of uterus. This part is a connection between vagina and uterus. These cancers are generally results of sexually transmitted infections and HPV.

A healthy cervix has pink healthy color and is generally lined with scaly-cells known as Squamous cells. There is another lining, which has columnar cells as its composition. The location where  these two lines merge is the location where cell production may go abnormal thus, causing Cancer. The area generally is exposed among teen and young girls so there are high chances for cancer development in these ages.

PAP test is often employed for diagnosing the cancer in cervix. For its treatment it is better to say if you have early diagnose then for sure there are increased chances for cure.

In early stages of cancer, no defined symptoms can be experienced. In later stages pain and bleeding while sex with vaginal discharge and irregular bleeding can be taken as symptoms. Therefore, it is advised to seek medical professionals help for diagnose and treatment.

Following are the factors, which increase vulnerability for disease development in women:

  • The top location is occupied by the human Papillomavirus, which is a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Smoking habits do also add to the vulnerability for disease attack.
  • In case you are infected with bacteria Chlamydia, then it is probable to develop this disease.
  • Blood heating food can also increase vulnerability. Fruits and vegetable use is most critical to save one’s self from the cervical cancer.
  • Infected or weak immune system is another factor increasing the risk for the development of abnormal growth of cells in cervix.
  • Family history is another contributor to the cervical cancer. If you have any family history for development of this disease then you are at high risk for disease development.
  • Diethylstilbestrol exposure can be the leading cause for the cancer development in the cervix.
  • Birth control pills can also be a contributing factor towards increasing the vulnerability to develop disease.

Study of races has shown that African-American women develop more cancer as compared to white women and Hispanic women hit the second location in the list for developing cervical cancer. Age is not the factor for development of the disease and thus, women of all ages after onset of puberty are at risk for developing this disease.

Vaccines are being prepared in laboratories to fight back viral germs of HPV. A vaccine has also been used for fighting against the germ and is known as Gardasil. This vaccine is provided to girls of age nine and can be given as age 26. This vaccine has high percentage for immunizing women against HPV.

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