Around 2 million women would be diagnosed for developing breast cancer, reported The American Cancer society. A number out of them would go through the breast conserving surgery but many of them would prefer removal of breasts.

Many women need complete removal of breasts for the reason that their breasts could not be recovered from cancer anyways and other do have this complete removal for the sake of saving themselves from the radiation weeks they may require afterwards.

Apart from this, women who are at risk for breast cancer would undergo removal of breast to avoid breast cancer. This removal is known as prophylactic mastectomy. To more women removing a breast is more then devastation. With out breast a woman may feel non-feminine; they also may take it as appearing awkward with out breasts, and for this, and reason and they may find an alternative of breasts that is rubber breast, which is known as prosthesis. Therefore, this is the reason, which makes more women to undergo breast reconstruction surgery.

According to studies conducted by ASPS more then sixty thousand women have gone through the surgery of some kind of breast reconstruction every year. Studies further have revealed that decision for breast reconstruction depends upon following factors:

  • place of living
  • race from which woman belongs
  • age
  • stage of cancer

Studies have shown that African-American, Asian and Hispanic women are less likely to undergo breast reconstruction. Alternatively, white women are more in to breast reconstruction and prompt in their actions.

For breast reconstruction, there are two options:

  • breast implants
  • autologous construction

In breast implants, breasts are filled with silicon shells coupled with saline and silicon gels. In autologous reconstruction, fat tissues are taken from abdomen or hips and new breasts are shaped out of them. In many instances, you can have this surgery performed as soon as you have your breasts removed.

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