Natural way to ensure healthy development of your infants is breast-feeding. Leading health organizations recommend breast-feeding a baby to ensure his good health and better development.

It is suggested to mother, healthy mother to breast-feed their infants at least in the first six months of their birth and if possible then continue feeding them for more then a year. It has been observed however, that many mother feed their kids in only first week of their birth and only a few mothers continue it to the six months duration. African-American women are those who are not breast-feeding their kids as per required and education is another factor apart from race which keeps mother from breast-feeding.

Breast-feeding can bring a number of benefits to not only baby but also the mother. Benefits for baby are:

  • Nutrition is provided up to the mark to the kids, which is required for healthy growth and development.
  •  Milk from breasts is rich with antibodies, which are required by baby to be kept from childhood ailments and infections.
  • Breast-feeding also reduced the risk for development of chronic disease in infants and babies.
  • Baby, which are breast-fed, do not have risk for SIDS. This is the major cause for deaths among infants and babies from aging one month to a year.
  • Breast-feeding also keep children from gaining weight in later years of their lives.

Here are the benefits you would gain from breast-feeding your child:

  • Your uterus would return to its normal size due to breast-feeding mechanism.
  • Extra calories are also burnt due to breast feeding
  • Breast-feeding makes the emotional bond stringer between you and your infant.
  • It can also save you from postpartum depression.
  • It can also delay your regular periods and control over birth
  • This can also reduce risk for developing osteoporosis in later years of your life.
  • It can also save your time and money, you would require to spend over feeding bottles and powdered milk.

Complications do also come with breast-feeding but you can have them avoided or overcame them with a little effort.

  • if you develop sore nipples then you can seek advice from your doctor.
  • You may also feel engorged breasts; this is because of improper feeding. You can have this engorgement reduced using suction pump.
  • If you are developing some sort of infection then it is better to wash your nipples with warm water and then message them regularly.
  • If you have tender breasts then be informed, it is result of bacteria invaded from your baby’s body to your breasts. Seek help from your doctor.

If you are experiencing and developed any of the following disorder then it is better tyo avoid breast-feeding your baby:

  • HIV infection or AIDS
  • Tuberculosis (Active and untreated)
  • T-cells Leukemia Virus Type 1

If you use alcohol and smoke then please avoid breast-feeding and if you are being treated fro cancer then it is suggested to avoid breast-feeding. Of course! You want to feed your baby for health not for imparting diseases to her.