Birth control pills are one of the most effective ways for preventing pregnancies. This method has been approved by FDA since 1960 and since then it has remained unbeatable in pregnancy prevention methods. These pills are also known as oral contraceptives and studies have revealed that some eighteen million of women around America are taking these contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, currently.

There are more then forty oral contraceptive products available in market. These pills however, do not confirm prevention from side effects and you may experience some side effects while you are at their dose. Although, they are much safer from the pills which hit the market at the introduction of BCPs. I need like mentioning in here that these pills does not keep you safe from sexually transmitted disease so remove this misconception from your mind and take proper care for avoiding STIs.

Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are synthesized in to the birth control pills and they work by inhibiting ovulation through maintenance of hormonal level. These pills do not let the level of estrogen reach peak and thus, ovary never gets the signal for release of ova. No egg release means any chances of fertilization.

Following are the three kinds of Birth control pills:

  • emergency Contraceptive pills
  • progestin-only pills
  • combination pills

All of these pills come with advantages and disadvantages. You may also experience some side effects while taking these pills.

Birth control pills do not only have a single benefit and that is Pregnancy rather you can have enjoy several health benefits with these pills. However, not just benefits but also some healthy concerning risks are also associated to these pills. Let us take an overview for possibilities associated.

Benefits: preventing pregnancy is the sole purpose any woman may take this pill for so this is the first benefit you would take from this pill. The next benefit you would enjoy from taking this pill is improved monthly menstrual cycle. These pills are also effective in fighting against the development of cancer targeted at ovary and uterus. These pills are highly recommended for improving the density of bones. Polycystic ovary can also be avoidable with help of this pill.

Risks: birth control pills increase the risk for heart attack. This possibility is increased in case the drug taker is smoker. Therefore, physicians avoid prescribing these pills to women who smoke. Another risk, which can be experienced by the BCPs administrator, is Ischemic stroke. This concern however, is reduced with the introduction of new formulas of BCPs. If you are a woman, who have experienced migraines in past then it is probable that you may experience increased episodes of this disorder while women with migraine history also have increased risk for stroke as well. Risk for blood clot formation in veins and arteries are alarmed with use of oral contraceptives.

Studies show that a woman with diabetes if use BCPs then her diabetes can be worsen. Woman taking BCPs neglect the fact that these pills are not protection for sexually transmitted infections so they do not use precautions and thus, develop such infections.

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