This disorder is estimated to hit some five to eight percent of children and at least seven percent of adult population. This disorder, which is termed as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder”, tends to interrupt hyperactivity, cause impulsivity and inattention. With exclusion to hyperactivity, this disorder is known as “Attention Deficit Disorder”.

Studies are evident that the ratio for the disorder is 3:1 for boys and girls but as they go through the development phases, the ratio difference diminishes. If we take an overall glance we can find out that, the symptoms for this disorder in boys are exaggerated as compared to girls and women but moving in to details make, the difference evened out. For instance, we may be taken a girl as shy with ADHD and boys are considered less defiant. The problematic syndrome of the disorder is patient feels great difficulty in task completion and keeping things organized.

The thing, which makes up the ratio 3:1, is that girls are difficultly likely to be diagnosed with this disorder. The reason being girls rarely ask for help they need. They keep damaging their self-esteem with the problems in their schools. They fail to comprehend social challenges thus do not get in to social relationships. Consequently, they are dragged to depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety and substance abuse.

Even when treatment is initiated and they are taken through different steps of the treatment they keep reminding the painful events they had have experienced, Causing psychological and emotional problems.

The reasons for the ADHD are unknown but the fact to be mentioned about this disease is that it runs in family so it means it is hereditary. This disease therefore in psychiatry is the strongest disease, which moves in family via genetic make-up. Studies are evident that if your child is suffering from this disorder then there are twenty-five to thirty percent chances that there is some close relative who is suffering from same disorder. For identical twin siblings chances are even higher for the development of this disorder.

After genetic make-up, the second factor is environment. In case mother had have smoke during pregnancy then chances are very high for ADHD development. Exposure to lead is another cause contributing to this disease.

In the beginning the disorder was related to some abnormal functioning of brain, today however views are changed. There are two factors, which are contributing to this disorder and are found in the nervous system and they are neurotransmitters. Scientists today are of the view that there may be an abnormal production of proteins that reduce neurotransmitter production and cause their deficiency. This deficiency then becomes a hurdle in proper functioning of body.

A number of environmental factors are associated with this disorder however, they are found to do nothing with the appearance and experiencing of this disorder. These considered factors are watching excessive television, allergies to food, taking in a lot of sugar, poor family life, poor education and permissive parenting. However, there is no way neglecting the fact that environment does contribute to this disorder so preventive measure are required.

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