Bronchi or Airways in lungs are inflamed and swollen almost every time and this is the reaction of Asthma. People suffering from this disorder are sensitive to things they inhale from atmosphere. The inhalants from environment are called as “triggers”. These hazardous inhalants are the causation for the muscle tightening in lungs hence, blocking the air passages creating difficulty in breathing. Additionally, increased amount of mucus is another cause for the blockage of air passage. The airways of the lungs are also inflamed by the action of white blood cells.

Whenever, inhalants are introduced in the lungs, lungs are affected thus producing Attack of Asthma. Symptoms of Asthma include tightening of chest, coughing and difficult breathing and short breath cycles. Asthma is curable but for curing this disorder precise diagnosis and treatment is required.

Reports have shown that in year 2006 almost 12 million adult and 7 million children are suffering from Asthma. This condition is becoming common and common with every passing day with out discriminating age, sex and race. Asthma develops in the childhood and remains with the person throughout her life however; some people have reported onset of asthma attack in their fifties.

Obese people are significantly occupies the top position among people who are at risk fro developing Asthma. Another factor is “family History”. If a woman has some family history of Asthma then she is at risk for developing asthma at some stage of her life. Some other risk factors are:

  • pollution
  • substandard air
  • poverty
  • lack of knowledge

Allergy is another contributor for the development of asthma. While people, which are open to cigarette smoke are also at higher threat for developing this disorder.

Women are at threat of developing asthma during pregnancy or at childbirth. However, for those who have asthma may experience improvement during pregnancy and childbirth. This change is generally the contribution of Hormones. Another time for improvement and developing of Asthma is puberty and menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that women die more as compared to men because of asthma.

Until now it is not known what cause sensitivity to persons with inhalants which are not hazardous to normal people. One consideration is they may be allergic to some factors and allergy may be causing asthma attacks.

As far as allergy is concerned, allergens are mentioned to make you aware so that you can have them avoided. These are:

  • dust mites and dust
  • pollen and flowers
  • insects and insect stings
  • foods
  • chemicals
  • mold and fungi

it is to be mentioned here that fur from cat and dog never contribute to allergy however, their saliva, urine and dander can be a cause for allergy. Some other contributors to allergy as pinpointed by AAAI are:

  • smoke
  • stress
  • dry and cold air
  • pollution
  • extreme physical activity

When it comes to controlling asthma, it is to be mentioned here that symptoms for asthma includes immediate relief and some strategies for long term prevention. Behavioral approaches and medications are important for asthma prevention management.

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