When a person is agitated with extreme feelings of fear, uncertainty and apprehensions in response to stress then it must be known that there is some disorder, which is referred as “anxiety disorder” by doctors and psychiatrists. If it goes untreated, it may turn a person in to withdrawal and inactivity. Studies are evident that some eighteen percent of American nation is suffering from this withdrawing disorder.  This huge amount of sufferers makes it America’s top psychiatric disorder.

The physical symptoms of this disorder are:

  • hypertension
  • increased heart beat
  • fast breathing mechanism
  • increased tension in muscles
  • and loss of appetite accompanied by diarrhea or nausea

Treatment is very critical to this disorder or else this disorder has the potential to disturb healthy fashion of living. It is a sort of disorder, which worsen with time. This disorder brings with it a number of attacks of panic, fears and thoughts, compulsive actions, nightmares and remarkable list of frightening events.

Anxiety disorder contributes in disturbing professional, social and family lives making the victim restricted to his house boundaries and sometimes to his bedroom. Most of the time anxiety disorder is coupled with another mental disorder i.e. Depression.

Luckily, anxiety disorder is curable and has effective way for treatment. If diagnosed early it can be treated early. However, people fail to get it diagnosed because of lacking understanding stigmas as are linked up with this disorder.

There are a number of kinds of anxiety disorder as are observed in past few years, they are:

  • GAD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Panic Disorders
  • OCD
  • PTSD

GAD (Generalized Anxiety disorder) is affecting 3 percent of American nation and women are victimized twice as compared to men. This is understood as a constant period of tension. This period can be of six months at least. Sufferer of GAD always expects a happening of catastrophe instead of knowing reality.

Panic Attacks are abrupt and prompt attacks of anxiety and thoughts and lasts for few minutes only. They do not have any sort of alarm and can develop any time. Women who have this attack gone through have reported breath cutting and tightening of throat leading to increased anxious thoughts.

Panic disorder the third kind of Anxiety disorder is a series of attacks accompanied by panic. This kind usually attacks in youth and women are more prone to develop panic attacks.

Phobias are sort of anxiety disorders where a person suffering from one can be afraid of some situation and object. These fears are unjustifiable. The things and places that frighten a patient is part of normal lives for other normal people. Some kinds of Phobias are:

  • fear from animals, air traveling, heights, confined places, bridges and water
  • fear from being socialized
  • fear of being in public

OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder) is a sort of anxiety disorder where sufferer’s mind is always filled with same and persistent thoughts. They may experience obsessions, pictures and images in mind, for certain things and to control over these obsessions they perform some action repeatedly known as compulsions. These compulsions are firm and ask the patient to repeat them again within some given period.

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress Disorder) is a kind of anxiety disorder where patient is exposed to extremely stressful event. Traumas like accidents, rapes, sexual abuse, war, natural disasters etc cause feeling of helplessness and fear in patients and they have these fears provoked repeatedly causing PTSD.

Anxiety or stress is a natural phenomenon and are known as the movers of life but if they come in excessive amounts, they can put life to halt. Therefore, person experiencing high levels of stress must consult a specialist to sort out fears in to normalized behaviors.

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