Male hormones are called “androgens” but it is surprising to add in here that female human body also produced a certain amount of this hormone. In addition, they don not go unaffected as they have more then two hundred functions to perform.

Androgens come in two chief forms “testosterone” and “androstenedione”. No doubt, the level for androgen is high in male body and they have to perform important part in bringing out male traits and are reproductive hormones for males. However, they are also produced in women. The main function performed by these hormones undergoes conversion in to estrogen, female hormone.

Adrenal Glands, fat cells and ovaries produce androgens in women. Generally female body is capable for producing androgens in greater and of course smaller amounts. This disordered production of this hormone can contribute to disorders for hormone is women.

Androgens in women are the hormones that initiates the puberty hence stimulation of pubic and underarm hair. In addition, androgens are contributor of well being of many organs in female body. Moreover, they are critical to the synthesis of the estrogen and sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. This hormone also regulates body functions during menopause and after that.

With women who have, increased production of this hormone may experience, thinning of hair, excess hair growth and acne. Some women with increase production of androgen hormone may develop PCOS. This disorder is distinguished by deficient or irregular menstrual period, disorder of sugar in blood, infertility with above-mentioned disorders. If they go, untreated then woman suffering can develop more disorders such as diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and hypertension accompanied with cardiac disorders.

Additionally, to PCOS woman can also develop adrenal gland related disorders. Increased level can also result in adrenal and ovarian tumors.

Lowered production of androgen contributes to abnormal functioning as well. This may cause low libido, diminishing feeling of health and fatigue. Lowered production of Androgen can occur at any age however, most of the time this lowered production is observed at the time of menopause transition or before menopause.

To treat androgen abnormal production we have combination of testosterone and estrogen as medication that can be taken orally or injected. These medications are observed to increase well-being and energy in women who experience androgen abnormality. These medications come with severe side effects like increased risk for endometrial and breast cancer, toxicity of liver and blood cholesterol.

Studies however are being conducted over testosterone patches for helping women regarding libido. They say that these patches can help women who have their libido removed surgically. Studies also have shown that using high dosage for testosterone can cause sexual satisfaction in women. These patches have also shown normalizing feelings of distress in women.

Researches have also found that testosterone can also play a significant role in treating AIDS. The findings still are under process and they are working to achieve desired goal e.g. finding out the cure for AIDS. Testosterone is also considered practically beneficial for premenstrual Syndrome and disease related to immunity. Scientists have found that women going through PMS may have lowered levels of androgens i.e. testosterone in their body and can found relief with use of testosterone production boosting supplements.

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