Old age has an associated disorder, which is known worldwide as “Alzheimer’s disease” and is abbreviated as AD. This disorder is of neural nature and is estimated to affect some five million persons out of entire nation of United States.

Estimations and evaluations are showing that, as the nation will grow older there are increased chances for the ratio for AD’s patients would grow. This disease is considered to take control over certain part of the brain from where it grow eventually damaging whole of the brain. This disorder weakens the neurons of the brain and destroys them at last resort. Scientists and neurologist are of the view that this ailment is something to do with the protein production in brain or it is very precise to say that this disorder lets the abnormal production of protein take charge. This abnormal and excessive production of protein then clumps itself to the pathways of neurons. This blockage thus damages the reception, relaying, storage and reproduction of the thoughts. Not only thoughts but also behavior and personality are also damaged to greater extent.

AD is the biggest cause for the DEMENTIA of older age. The dementia is a scientific term assigned to the loss of memory especially long-term memory. Evidence is not supporting the fact that if women are strongly victimized by this disorder as compared to men. The early symptoms if this disorder includes forgetfulness, difficulty remembering and reproducing words and problems confronted at time of concentrating.

AD is generally divided in to three phases depending upon the severity of the problem. It has been estimated that people can have this disorder developed in last three to four years of life but some evidences are also there telling that this disorder may develop in their thirties and they have spend twenty years of their lives with this ailment. The symptoms of this disorder do vary person to person and people sometimes mistake this disorder with the “natural sign of aging”. In fact, forgetfulness and problems recalling words etc are natural signs of aging but they may become very severe and can change person’s personality in to dependent.

Three phases of AD are mild AD, moderate AD and Severe AD. The mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are:

  • memory loss
  • confusion
  • changes in personality
  • problems judging
  • getting lost

The symptoms for moderate AD are:

  • personal care difficulty
  • agitation
  • paranoia
  • wandering
  • inability to recognize familiar faces
  • disturbed sleep

The symptoms for Severe AD include:

  • intelligible speech loss
  • loss of control over bowel and bladder
  • complete dependence

It is to be added here that this disorder unfortunately has no cure. However, people suffering from the symptoms must get to the doctor for consultation and checking out if it is Alzheimer’s disease or something else. This disease can however, be prevented and studies have shown that:

  • good education or higher levels of education
  • social activities
  • mental activities
  • exercising

In older age are effective enough to fight back this disorder. Although there is no cure for this disease but for cognitive and behavioral symptoms, some drug and non-drug treatments are available.

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