There are number of factors, which contribute in Allergic symptoms. These factors are generally known as allergens and their examples are pollen, mold and animals. These allergens do not cause allergy to every person but some are prone to it.

Studies are evident that allergy is the fifth biggest cause for chronic ailments in Unites States of America. Further studies have revealed that allergy is the third most typical chronic ailment as is experienced by the children and teens. There is no differentiation for the allergy experiencing in men and women and there are almost equal sufferers for this chronic disease in America.

Allergy for being so much common also asks for its precise defining. It actually is a sort of immune system’s reaction and this reaction is generally against non-hazardous substances. Actually when a person is attacked by, some harmless invaders his immune system gets in the alarm and to fight back against this considered harmful invader an antibody is produced in large quantity. This antibody after being released is controlled with the production of cytokines, histamine and leukotrienes. These chemical for the control of antibody do also affect some systems of human body. The most common system is respiratory system consequently causing allergy.

Allergy is more than something painful is. It may appear with a number of symptoms from sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose to skin irritations. There are a number of sufferers which are suffering from allergy may come up with life-risking reactions like anaphylaxis shock. Another shock, which may also be experienced by the sufferer, is anaphylactic shock, which can cause stoppage of heartbeat with the closure of air in to lungs.

Respiratory system is the most attacked system of the human body with the appearance of allergy. The common allergens for the respiratory attacks are pollens, fungi, mold, dust mites and dust, foods, latex and medications. Allergy, which is caused by the food, comes with a range of symptoms and most commonly can be a causative to anaphylaxis and is result of food such as fish, shellfish, egg, peanuts and dairy.

Sometimes allergy can move from thing touching the body and is referred as the contact allergy. As soon an allergen comes in to contact with the skin person develops allergy. The most common allergens are polishes, nickel, fabric softeners, soaps, perfumes, dyes etc. plant secretion are also considered allergens. Plants have this secretion, which can result in the most severe reaction. This allergen is causing allergy in almost eighty-five percent of Americans.

Allergy is a hereditary disorder. Studies have suggested that if a parent has this disease then there are thirty-five to forty person of the development of this disorder in children. Alternatively, if both parents have this disorder with them then chances are even higher but it is not as if every child born with allergy positive parents will develop allergy until they are grown up. Studies are being conducted to know the real cause for turning the allergy genes on as this chapter still is under the leaves of mystery. However, a hypothesis that is worked on says that more you are open to the allergens more you have capability to release antibodies and consequently the secretion for chemicals like histamines is initiated, turning on allergy genes and thus, allergic reactions are initiated