Chinese Traditional Medicine has something very wonder striking hidden within its pages and that is Acupuncture. This method involves the needle insertion at specific points in the body, named as acupoints. Most of such points are grouped together in order of them being clinically effective. Acupoints generally are located over lines named meridians.

These meridians are the factors upon which the acupuncture finds its basis. Acupuncture specialists retain the view that blood and energies are flowing through these meridians, constantly in a cyclic way. They further add that flow of energy is required for the sake of good health and any sort of blockage with free flow of energy can cause disorders and ailments. Therefore, they upheld the needle insertion view to have these pathways unblocked.

Practitioners of TCM for the treatment and prevention of a range of disorders and ailments use acupuncture and the most common sort of usage of this art is for reliving pain as is practiced in USA. Pain reliving set aside but acupuncture can also be used for the treatment of disorders starting from cold to as complicated as neurological disorders.

The very good part of acupuncture is that it can be used alone and if required with the combination of other TCM techniques. This techniques or art of TCM is the most widely practiced in Americas. Estimates have revealed that some eight million people out of entire American population have undergone acupuncture for the treatment of one or another ailment. Although the needles are inserted in the body but still people who have gone through the treatment experience negligible or no pain at all.

This style of treatment has gained a lot of fame in Americas and throughout the world. Acupuncture has been recognized by The WHO (World Health Organization) as the apposite fashion of treatment for more then fifty disorders including menstrual, reproductive, neurological and respiratory disorders.

In America however, there is another fashion of acupuncture practiced, which is slightly different from traditional form and is referred as “Medical Acupuncture”. There are also a number of different styles as are practiced by Physicians and LAcs (Licensed for practicing Acupuncture). Some other style for acupuncture is five Element Acupuncture Neuro-anatomical Acupuncture and Auricular Acupuncture.

The mystery of traditional Acupuncture and its effectiveness is mystery scientist trying to unfold. The effectiveness however is answered to greater extent but still there are pages to uncover. Studies conducted over animal and human subjects have revealed that needle insertion generates numerous biological retorts. While some other studies have revealed that hormones are released from the CNS.

Allied Mechanisms do also work with hormones and responses of biological that are:

  • studies are evident that needles when inserted can provoke electromagnetic signals at higher rate.
  • studies have also revealed that needle insertion in body affects the blood flow to the core of brain and can nourish it fully for precise working of nervous system.

Summarizing, the exact working of acupuncture is not known but still it is EFFECTIVE. It is understood that treatments to be very effective must be individualized therefore; it is difficult to research over this particular art of the TCM.